Technic Electric Eyes Palette

Whilst out having a mooch around town today, as you do, I spotted something which interested me from the off set. I was in Bodycare where in the make-up section I found the Technic Electric Eyes Palette. I never buy make-up from there to be quite honest, it is just somewhere I never really think to have a look. However, I’m very glad that I decided to go in today as there were three versions of the Technic Electric Eyes Palette, the first being a purple/pink toned one and the second consisting of a number of bright colours which can be seen here. The third palette is the one I chose which is the ‘Metalix’ palette.

Whilst I was in the shop I couldn’t help think of the MUA ‘Going for Gold’ palette and the ‘Undressed’ palette, the colours are not all the same but some do stand out to me as being similar.

As you can see, there are twelve shades within this palette, which is the same amount as Sleek Palettes. In fact, the whole packaging style is pretty much a carbon copy of the Sleek packaging, you even get a nice big mirror.

Top six shades

Bottom six shades

I have to say I think I love this palette already! I think the tones are lovely and they really are quite pigmented barring perhaps the fourth shade on the top row. I urge everyone to have a look in their local bodycare, today this cost me £2.49 however on the website of which only the bright palette is listed the price is £1.99. I’m not quite sure why the price was a bit more but I thought at the time that £2.49 was brilliant, I still do!

The website for Technic can be found here. I should of checked before I purchased this to see if it was cruelty free, I was so pleased to find out that it is! 

What do you think folks, are these somewhat similar to the MUA Palettes or is this just me? I’m not all that great at drawing comparisons so help a gal out! Has anybody else come across these before? Will you go and have a peek in bodycare?