Kids books I’ve read that I loved!

Tonight I’m posting something quite different to my normal run of the mill stuff. I’ve decided to share with you all a few books that I read during my early teens to late that have always stuck with me. Besides my interest in fashion and beauty bits and bobs another passion of mine is reading, I adore books. These books are some of my favourites that I have EVER read which is a bold statement for me to make as I’ve read so many books throughout my life. I feel that no matter how old you get once you find a great book you will always remember the story and remember why you loved it so much, no matter what age it is targeted at.

I must add that I’ve read many other ‘younger’ targeted books over the years that I have enjoyed but when I originally thought about this post the four titles I’ve featured were the ones I wanted to share the most.

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 1: Harry Potter by J K Rowling. 2: His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman. 3: The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan. 4: The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonanthan Stroud.

I have all of these books back at home folks, however as I’m at university
away from home none of them are here for me to have taken pictures of I’m

How could I not do a post on children’s books without featuring Harry Potter
by J K Rowling, I literally grew up with that boy! I first remember reading The
Philosophers Stone back when I was in year 7 at school in my English lesson, I
was captivated! Ever since that English class all of those years ago I have
never looked back where the Harry Potter series was concerned, I adore them and
if I EVER have children I will pass them down. I think the Harry Potter series
changed the view of many youngsters regarding reading, for the better…maybe magic was involved.

The second set of books I have listed is His Dark Materials Trilogy by
Philip Pullman. I can’t quite remember how old I was when I read these, maybe
14 or 15 but I remember whilst reading them that I wanted my own dæmon…I
always wondered what mine would be. For those that have not read this series I
urge you to give it a go, no matter how old you are. They are fantastic in so
many ways, quite emotional in parts too.

The next series is The Saga of Darren Shan by …Darren Shan. This series is
about a young boy who is turned into a vampire, but PLEASE do not let vampire
put you off, these came out long before the Twilight series and everything else
that followed. The Darren Shan Vampire series is one of the best I have ever
read, I cannot recommend it enough. This was made into a movie which for me
totally wrecked the intense story that Darren Shan created, I think that for
the movie it could have easily have been a very dark tale indeed….shame it
was made for kids!

Lastly is a series that I have never really heard or seen mentioned much before.
The Bartimaues Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud for me is perhaps a little too ‘complicated’ for younger
readers, but that is just my opinion. Setting that aside it is just a fabulous
series that completely got me hooked! It is full of wit and humour and memorable
characters, particularly Bartimaeus! I remember reading the last book in the series all
those years ago and once I realised what had just happened I was amazed, the
feelings I felt having read what I had really struck something inside of me.
This rarely happens with me with books; it takes something special of which the
Bartimaeus Trilogy completely offered to me.