It was all getting a bit too much.

It’s been a four days since my last post which is rather unlike me as I do try to keep my blog updated with frequent content but alas, sometimes more important things do prevent blogging; after all it is not as important as my dissertation.

After having all my research done last summer I was in a really good
position starting the beginning of third year, however, it all went downhill
after that. I had two modules last semester which were very important towards
the final year grade as you can imagine, as well as this I took on way too many
hours at my work place; for some reason I can never really say no to people.
Therefore right up until Christmas I was working like mad on everything but my dissertation.

Alas, January arrived, I was back at university, away from home and my
boyfriend and I felt rather miserable to say the least. I wasn’t at home for
very long, after working like mad and being so stressed all I wanted to do was
be at home and have someone to look out for me. I didn’t want to be back at university
and I just could not cheer myself up; therefore not much progress was made. I
also felt as if blogging got in the way too, I’ve found myself enjoying it so
much that I cared more about it than university; I had my priorities very wrong
for a few months. 

I’ve realised the error of my ways, just in time I think…better late than
never! So you may have noticed not as many posts coming up recently, I do apologise
but I’m afraid it has to be this way whilst I get myself sorted. This is my last
year or university, my last shot at a good grade of which I don’t want to mess
up. I feel as if I done pretty well up until now so I don’t want to fail at the
last hurdle. 

So, here we are today, literally one month until hand in date and I’m now at
5,000 words…just 5,000 more to go folks. It is slowly coming together now,
bit by bit but my word has it taken some time to get to where I am now, if only
I had stuck to my original plan eh….but then I guess we can’t always stick to
a plan, nobody is perfect and things do and have got in the way at times.

I now feel pretty motivated to just crack on with things, therefore after
putting 1,000 words together today I felt I needed an hour’s break to relax. I
grabbed myself a cup of tea, a couple of Oreo biscuits and sat down to write
this post, thank you for reading.