I graduated!

So, after three years at university it all came to an end last Friday where I found myself graduating in the glorious sunshine. I studied Geography and Environmental Management which was at times difficult and challenging yet I somehow managed to come away with a first class honours, I’m still in utter amazement as at times I felt like I had really hit the wall with my degree. However, three years later there I was with a cap and gown on feeling a huge sense of relief and happiness.

This was me and my boyfriend Jack at around 6am in the morning, we had to drive up to my university which was a couple of hours away so we had to set off early due to registration being from 8am onwards. An incredibly early start I must say! As you can see, he looks far more awake than I do. I opted not to wear heels on the day as if anybody stood the chance of falling flat on their face walking across stage it would be me, therefore I played it safe in flats.

I had a wonderful day with my family and my boyfriend which I really will cherish for the rest of my life. Seeing my family so proud really made me realise what I had achieved and what they had indeed helped me to achieve.

I have to say though; it was like a sauna in the graduation gown!