Wishlist Wednesday #13

I’ve been on a tiny spending ban recently therefore after only slipping up once by buying one of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints last week I thought I would pop together a little make up wish list. I happened to find all these whilst browsing the website Beauty Bay last Thursday so I’ve linked each product to that site, they are all of course available else where too.

ARTDECO is a brand that I have never tried, in fact, all of these things I’ve featured are by brands which I have yet to experience, yet I must admit out of everything I’ve placed in the wish list it is this bronzing blusher that appeals to me the most. I adore the packaging of this, it looks simply beautiful and so incredibly detailed and that’s all before you even get to the actual product itself. 

Next up is the new lipsticks from Urban Decay of which after having a look of the shades online I found that the shade ‘naked’ appealed to me the most. I would like to see these in store though before I decide to order one as I think I could easily be tempted to go for a brighter colour.

I made a stupid decision in chucking away the only angle brush I own a few months back, I really regret it therefore I’ve being looking for a replacement. I had heard about the Louise Young brushes before but had always steered clear as I had presumed they would be really expensive. However, at £9 for the Angled Brow Taklon Brush I must admit I was surprised, therefore I think I will be buying this come pay day.

The Stila Convertible Colours have been on my mind for quite a while now; I just couldn’t decide which colour to go for. I think I have finally decided that the one I would like to try is Gerbera which looks a bit like a peachy/coral shade which I happen to be rather partial to. 

Last up are two nail polishes from Ciate in the shades ‘Fade to Greige’ and ‘Cream Soda’. I’m fully aware that autumn is just around the corner as I’m finding myself donning the jumpers more and more often these last few weeks therefore I picked out two shades that will help me slip into the autumn mood.