September Empties

It’s that time again, the end of September….dare I say it Christmas will soon be upon us. I’ve already being having a browse on the Boots Christmas section online and looking at this year Christmas New Look Jumpers, yes I went there! I took the habit to put in a link to those as they’re all so cute, I want the Penguin one with his hat and scarf on. Anyhow, before I get too excited let’s deal with my products I’ve used up from September.

This is my second bottle of the Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave-In Conditioner and once again I’m rather sad to see it go. I use this after I have washed my hair just to add a bit of extra care to it, whereby I have to say I do notice if I don’t use it as my hair tends to feel drier. It smells wonderful; it’s easily available in Boots, Superdrug and Asda and doesn’t cost a small fortune as at just £5 it won’t break the bank. It works pretty well and leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling good! As for the colour insurance I can’t say that I have personally seen any benefit in that respect but I would still happily buy this.

The Body Shop Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist is something I purchased very much on a whim whilst starting my third year of university last October. I slept so badly the previous year so I thought I would try a few things to see if they worked. To me this smells solely of lavender which luckily I like however I know some people do not, however there are a bunch of other ingredients within this so it’s definitely worth checking out for yourself. This is a really relaxing product but I can’t say for certain if it really did help me sleep, it sure smells nice though so I would in the future re-buy this. At £10 I think it’s a little pricey for something I’m not 100% sure works yet there is always an offer on with The Body Shop so you could easily get it cheaper.

The Garnier Pure Active 24 Hours Daily Moisturiser is yet again another product I purchased on a whim as we headed into the warmer months this year. I only had creamy moisturisers at the time and had felt the need to try something a bit lighter in the form of a gel as my oily skin was starting to rebel against what I was using at the time. This was on offer in Boots at the time for something crazy like £2.50 so it rapidly went into my basket. I have to say, I neither loved this nor hated it as it did the job ok, nothing to exactly rave about as it could have been better. I did however find that it was incredibly refreshing to use, it also smelt quite nice and what with it being a blue gel like consistency it made it all the more different. 

Next up was my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel for oily/combination skin. Now, this is part of the three step routine which in hindsight I wish I had never purchased, however, in a way I’m glad I did as I was able to discover this moisturiser. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated with the texture being simply beautiful, even my boyfriend commented on it after trying it for himself, it also really helped to prevent any shine on my skin throughout the day. Now, I would have re-purchased this already however I’m trying to find out if it has mineral oil in, therefore if anybody knows then please do let me know.

The Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream was a freebie in a magazine last year. Having tried this smaller version I would really like to purchase the full size as it is so lovely. It really refreshed my tired eyes and helped to some extent to reduce the appearance of dark circles, at £20 it is expensive for the larger size however I would happily pay that price as judging by how long the little tube lasted me it is well worth the money. 

Last but not least is the cutest sample ever! I managed to pick up a sample of the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser off the lovely assistant at the House of Fraser Origins counter in Birmingham. This tiny sample lasted me just over a week which is impressive as I wasn’t too sure how much of the product I would be able to try before it ran out. Luckily enough for me I was able to see that it was working quite nicely for my skin therefore I have now purchased the full size. At £23 it is the cheapest moisturiser currently available from the brand whereby I have to say it’s nice to see the prices becoming friendlier but after all, £23 is still a lot of money. Personally I think this will last me quite a long time, we shall see how it goes.