Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser

As we came towards the end of the summer last year I decided to treat myself to the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser from Boots. At the time this moisturiser was receiving a lot of positive reviews from the beauty community so I was so excited to be finally popping it into my basket. Of course this being my first ever Origins purchase was also something that excited me as I had wanted to try the brand for a rather long time.

At £23 this is the cheapest moisturiser currently available from Origins however I do appreciate that this is still an expensive product which is why I held off buying it for quite a while. This is a light weight, oil free moisturiser which instantly hydrates the skin through ingredients such as Coffee Bean and Panax Ginseng. Dull looking skin is also targeted by this moisturiser whereby through use the skin is left looking more vibrant and healthy.

I’ve being using this moisturiser daily since I picked it and I can clarify that it certainly does what it claims to do. My skin is combination to oily with the odd dehydrated areas appearing every now and then depending on a number of factors. I’ve found that this moisturiser really has helped to keep my skin moisturised without leaving it feeling too greasy or indeed too tight. I only use this in the morning as I prefer something a bit more hydrating when it comes to my evening skincare routine however this can be used for both morning and night if you prefer.

The texture is divine and it applies so smoothly. I would describe this to be of a gel type consistency which is something I’m rather partial to when it comes to moisturisers as I do find that they work much better on my skin type. In terms of packaging I have to say I’m rather in love with it, the orange plastic pot looks really nice although I would have preferred it to have been glass to reflect the price point. When it comes to these types of products I do tend to prefer my moisturisers to be in tubes of some sort so that they are more hygienic, as well as this the plant ingredients once exposed to air do start to lose their effectiveness. I wonder if Origins will make a change to their packaging in the next year or so in order to combat these factors.

I personally have had no issues with this product at all; I simply adore it from the gorgeous citrus smell to the beautiful application, I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Having said that from looking at the ingredients there are a few that could potentially irritate those with sensitive skin; for instance the fragrance ingredients associated with it. Origins do offer samples out though so if this is something that concerns you it may be worth trying a little sample first if you are interested in it.

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Origins are not cruelty free which when you think about it is rather weird as the name would automatically to me suggest otherwise.