Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection

Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection
Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Palette
Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection
Just after Christmas last year I came across images of the new Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection. As soon as I saw the beautiful silver packaging and pretty shades I knew that it would be a match made in heaven for me and my first delve into the world of Bobbi Brown. For a while I refrained from picking anything up, that was until I read a review by Jenny who pretty much sold these products to me there and then. 

The Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection consists of a variety of products aimed at light, medium and dark skin tones. Finishing powders, nail polishes, sheer lipsticks and beautiful eye shadow palettes make up this truly gorgeous collection. From looking at the various products on offer I personally could pick out a few things from each, therefore I really don’t think that you should stick to the products released for each specific skin tone.

The Limited Edition Nude Eye Palette was the first product that caught by eye just after Christmas and again in store the day before I read the review by Jenny. It is a truly stunning palette that consists of two matte shades and two shimmer shades, these being Dove Grey, Ballet Pink Sparkle, Nude and Cement Sparkle. I have to say that my favourite would have to be Dove Grey paired up with Dark Cement, although I have used all four of these together to create one look and really liked the results.

The matte shades are beautiful and easy to blend and have left me wanting to try more matte eye shadows from Bobbi Brown. The shimmer shades are equally as beautiful and really have to be seen first-hand to fully appreciate just how stunning they are. The glitter particles within these eye shadows are extremely fine and help to create a really elegant finish to any look. Needless to say I’m a huge fan of this quad and have being wearing it none stop since I made my purchase.

In my experience they do crease ever so slightly but it isn’t very noticeable at all, any creasing experienced so far has been without wearing any form of eye shadow primer as I have misplaced mine somewhere. I should imagine that if I had of worn an eye shadow base or a specific eye shadow primer then these would have remained as if I had only just applied them.

A few days before I made my purchase I had passed my driving test therefore my mom very kindly offered to treat me to a little congratulations present. She ordered me the Limited Edition Sheer Lip Colour in Pink Flush in order to go with my palette I had purchased, thank you mom.

The formula of this lipstick is fantastic and for me does not highlight any dry areas which is always something I have to bear in mind when looking for new lipsticks or new lip products in general. This is a sheer lipstick as the name would suggest but it can be built up to give quite a nice opaque finish, this isn’t generally the look I would go for as I do like to keep the application quite light. I find that it adds a lovely hint of colour that isn’t something I have to remember when out and about as often with a lipstick that is more pigmented I’m far more self-aware. 

Personally I cannot recommend these products enough and really do urge you to try the shimmer shadows in particular at your local Bobbi Brown store as they truly are beautiful. These are limited edition products so you may have a hard time tracking them down online and in store but I’m sure there are some out there.

I nearly signed off this review without mentioning the packaging which has to be the most beautiful design I have ever seen or held. It is without doubt in my opinion the most perfect packaging, not least because it is silver (my favourite) but because it’s so sleek, feminine and simply so simple; it’s just beautiful.

Overall my first experience with Bobbi Brown has been wonderful.