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My Little Box Fleur De Force
My Little Box December
My Little Box December

Beauty boxes for a very long time had left me feeling rather underwhelmed and disappointed, so much so that I was convinced that they just weren’t for me. That was until I started to see a number of reviews popping up on some of my favourite blogs of a new subscription box; My Little Box. The Parisian beauty and lifestyle themed box has been on my radar ever since however I was still hesitant as these boxes always look so good online yet then when they arrive I’m never quite convinced.

When I saw that Fleur De Force had collaborated with My Little Box for the December issue I decided to give it a shot. I’ve been a huge fan of Fleur for a very long time now and if I’m honest she’s one of the very few YouTubers that I watch, for me I just felt as though it would be a great box if she had put her name to it. Not just a beauty themed box My Little Box incorporates fashion and lifestyle too which I think is an excellent move which makes it so much more unique to the many subscription boxes that are out there at the moment.

From the super cute illustrations by Kanako to the delightful presentation and care that has clearly been taken I think that this issue alone has helped to persuaded a beauty box sceptic that they can be fantastic. Inside this issue there were some Christmas craft bits and bobs of which I know that I’m too late for these to be used this year (I ordered this a week before Christmas) however I’ll be saving them for next year for definite. As well as this there is also a little magazine which after having a quick flick through is one that I know I will actually read and absorb. Within it there are some nice short interviews as well as some awesome little DIY projects in there that I wouldn’t mind trying myself.

Onto beauty there are three items which I think are of a very decent size, firstly there is the Cowshed Invigorating Body Lotion which is a brand that I haven’t yet tried. Along with this there is the L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream which is a moisturiser that helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, to boost the skin’s firmness and to generally help with anti-ageing. From online reviews this has pretty positive feedback so I’m actually really looking forward to giving this a try. Lastly there is a little red lipstick from the in house brand My Little Beauty in what must be the most adorable packaging ever, the little gold stars on the box have completely sold me.  In fact the lipstick I have to say has impressed me quite a lot already and that is only from initial use. It has quite a glossy finish however it isn’t as pigmented as I had expected which if I’m honest isn’t always a bad thing for me as I do like to have control and to be able to build colour up if I wish. The texture is super smooth and it doesn’t feel drying in the slightest, in fact now I’ve tried this I’m incredibly keen to try some of their other make up products.

Upon popping this post together I have realised that I forgot to photograph the headband that comes with it, oops! I received the black one which is really nice however I’m not entirely sure if I will wear that myself, I need to have a look and see if I like it on me although I know that if I don’t my sister will for sure!

Overall I’m SO pleased with this subscription already; furthermore I’m now really looking forward to seeing what the January Energy Box has installed for us. The box works out at a price of £14.95 a month including postage and packaging which I actually don’t mind for this, at the moment I can safely say that I’m happy to keep paying.