Links of London

Links of London has always been a brand that I have stopped to gaze at in numerous jeweler windows over the last few years. Whilst at university there was a jeweler close to work which used to have quite a bit of the brands jewellery in, everything was always so pretty and captured my interest with so many unique designs. Today I’ve created a little wish list featuring a few items from Links of London because there is at the moment a competition being held where you can enter to win the items from your wish list for your mum for Mother’s Day. I found out about this from Victoria so check out her blog for details.

This is my entry as you can see where I’ve chosen a few things for my mum that I think she would like. The cute silver earrings are really pretty and would suit her general choice for earrings as she prefers little studs to the other types. My mum only mentioned the other day that she needs a new watch so of course this stainless steel one seemed appropriate and practical to include. I have included a charm bracelet and a couple of charms because at the moment my mum owns neither, in fact when I think about it she doesn’t own much jewellery at all. 

The charm bracelet would be a really nice thing to own because over the years she could collect more charms to be added to it making it quite sentimental in the long run. The two charms I picked out meant something to me as the buttercup charm reminded me of when I was little when I used to sit making daisy chains with my mum; I was a rebel and used buttercups here and there. The amethyst charm is a heart symbolising my love for my mum and what with amethyst being her birthstone I found it quite fitting.

By the way, what do you all think of my little design handy work at the bottom? I made the London Eye and Big Ben in picmonkey and for those that haven’t guessed the blue line resembles the River Thames.