Zara Wish List

Zara Wish List

Have you taken a browse of the Zara website lately? There are some absolute gems on there as per usual therefore I thought I would share with you some of my favourite items that I’ve being looking at recently.

A blazer should be in every woman’s wardrobe as far as I’m concerned, they are a staple item and can finish off an outfit perfectly therefore I picked out a grey one for the spring as it is a bit more relaxed compared to a plain black one. The white faux leather skirt is probably my favourite item off the wish list as well as the black bag, you simply cannot go wrong with classic colours.

The first three items I’ve picked out don’t exactly scream out spring and summer clothing no matter how much I like them; however I did manage to find a few colourful items that jumped out at me. The mint green wedges are super nice and would work really well with some white denim jeans; I personally really do like wedges and find them much more comfortable and more importantly easier to walk in compared to other types of high heels.

One of the more unusual items I’ve chosen is a scarf which in itself isn’t an out of the ordinary purchase for me as I own far too many however the design on this is what makes it so quirky. Upon seeing this design I immediately thought of Picasso and was whipped right back to GCSE art class; those were great days that’s for sure.