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Make up brushes are a key part of my morning make up routine yet they are something I have very rarely spoken about on my blog. I’m quite loyal to a certain brand at the moment however I have being trying out a new little set from the Born Pretty Store in order to see how I get on with them. 

The Delicate White Wooden Handle Cosmetic Brush Kit* arrived quickly from the online store and came wrapped up within a peony floral bag in which the brushes were all kept secured in their own individual compartments. Within the set there are twelve different brushes all suited to the different various needs when applying your make up.

There are two blush brushes, numbers one and two of which I think one is more typical in appearance of a blush brush yet it is a brush that I use for setting my make up rather than for blusher. For me it’s a little too big for my cheeks yet it works perfectly for setting powder. It’s a super soft brush too and I have experienced no shedding at all, in fact that would apply to all of these brushes so far. I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with this brush in particular. Brush two is for me much more ideal for applying my blush as there is a nice angle to work with and the size is much smaller allowing me to have more precision and control of where my blush is going. When it comes down to brush three which is what I would associate with a traditional foundation brush I would have to say that this one and any other that looks like this no matter what brand is often left redundant in my collection; I never use brushes like that as I just cannot get them to work for me.

The eye shadow brushes are quite nice yet I couldn’t help compare them to a certain cult favourite of which they sadly did not however bear in mind that there is a price leap here. Out of the three available number five was my favourite as I found it easier to work with and more denser therefore it allowed me to achieve a relatively nice blend with my eye shadows.

Onto the spoolie brush (number seven) this has been quite a little handy tool to have as I didn’t have anything like it beforehand. It’s so incredibly useful despite it initially breaking after two days; however that was nothing that a little dab of glue couldn’t solve. In fact my whole brow routine is now dominated by brushes from this set as both number seven and number eleven are brilliant little tools to have at hand. Much like brush three brushes eight and ten were brushes that I decided not to use as once again these are not something I ever find the need for. If I’m honest I’m not entirely sure what I would even do with the fan brush when I have the blush brush there already.

Overall for the price currently at £8 you’re getting a mixed bag of brushes in my opinion. They’re not the best quality out there however they’re also not too bad for the price either. There are some pretty good brushes there I think, numbers one, two, seven and eleven are all brushes that I’m using on a regular basis therefore even if you were to just use a few out of the set you’re most likely still saving quite a lot in comparison to buying one similar brush in Boots for example. In my experience with this set I think it is simply lacking a good foundation brush. For me would be my only main criticism as for an overall price it is a relatively OK brush kit; especially for those just starting out with make up. If you’re looking for a few new brushes, perhaps as backups or as a gift to a younger family member then these are worth taking a peek at, there are of course many more online too.

The Born Pretty Store has kindly provided me with a code for 10% off (AMYH1O) if anybody is thinking of taking a look on the website, there’s a wide variety of beauty based products on there so something may tickle your fancy.