Isle of Wight Natural Candle Company

IWNC.CO Candle

I often find that being a beauty blogger leads to a full grown conclusion that we all love candles. Now I have honestly always liked candles however have found it in the past and even now to be very hard to justify spending a lot of money on them, to me they’ve always seemed like such a luxurious treat. When I see so many luxury brands I often feel a little disengaged as I know deep down it is pretty unlikely I’ll be spending £30 plus on one single candle. 

As of yet I haven’t had much experience with candles and the various brands that are available, I am for some want of a better word a candle noob. Therefore when I was kindly offered to try one of the Isle of Wight Natural Candles I pretty much jumped for joy, I envisioned a nice relaxing evening all wrapped up with a nice warm spicy scented candle burning away whilst my cat sat on my lap. Well everything but the latter happened as my cat was much happier curled up in his blanket on the sofa. 

Handmade on the Isle of Wight it feels really nice to support a UK brand whereby all of these candles are made in their garden work shop. I also like the fact that the candles come with a little leaflet which informs you on how to use and care for your candle properly, allowing you to achieve the best burn possible all whilst keeping the amount of carbons to a minimum. The candles are made from natural soy wax which when burnt is much cleaner compared to paraffin wax as it does not contain petrochemicals; plus the remaining pulp from the soy beans is used to go towards animal feed which is a fantastic method ensuring that the ingredients do not go to waste.

The candle that I have had the pleasure of using is the Isle of Wight Natural Candle in Orange Nutmeg and Clove* which is retailing at £13.50 for the larger size. Generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of spicy scents, mainly because so many thing seem to have cinnamon pumped into them which is a scent I cannot warm to at all. It made me so happy to not see the word cinnamon that I was already feeling pretty happy about this from the offset. 

The scent of this candle really is beautiful and what makes it even more special is that I can actually smell it from sitting on the opposite side of the room. Whilst I can definitely smell this it isn’t overpowering at all as it adds just a nice warmth to the room due to the blend of soft spices, it really has been the first candle to impress me and to make me want to spend my money on in the future. I have to be quite careful with the candles I use in my house as they often give my mum headaches however even she has commented on how nice this is; thumbs up from mum!

Overall I have been really impressed with this so far and have found myself contemplating ordering a couple to try in the New Year; both Romance and Fresh Fig take my fancy.