Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel
Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Eye Shadow Palette

There’s no denying that when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury I fall head line and sinker straight into the counter. I find myself eyeing up the latest releases as soon as they launch which is a tad concerning however bear with me here, it’s not just the beautiful packaging that keeps me captivated as these eye shadows are very, very good. 

Last summer I got a glimpse of the Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel Palette which I knew was due for release in the autumn. Having at the time the Dolce Vita Palette I knew that this would be one that I’d like to add to my collection, the shade range appealed to me like no other and I knew that it would be of good quality, plus let’s not ignore the fact that the presentation of this palette is incredibly beautiful. The case is dotted with tiny little rose gold stars which is different to all of the other palettes in the range. As far as I’m still aware this palette is a limited edition although it is still for sale on the website and has been now for a few months.

Inside the palette there are four shades like normal all of which have a wet to dry formula so that they can be used differently to create various levels of intensity. Like all Charlotte Tilbury quads there is a prep, enhance, smoke and pop shade which helps to give you a little guide as to how to use them, although I just tend to go with what I like and hope for the best. For the prep option there is a beautiful champagne shade that catches the light wonderfully. Whilst this can be used all over the lid I also like to use it in the inner corner of my eye and on the brow bone to act somewhat of a highlight. 

To enhance the eye there is a taupe shade which has silver running through it. It is described as antiqued silver which I think is nice however it is not a full on silver shade such as those found in the rock chic palette. Moving onto the smoke option there is a velvet black which is very pigmented and needs a light hand, this is lovely to use for helping to create that beautiful sultry look by using it within the crease; I also sometimes use it to act as a smoky liner too. Lastly the pop colour in this palette is quite different to the others that I have tried as they have all been quite glittery whereas this is not. The metallic bronze in the palette is probably my favourite shade alongside the taupe option where it can be used to add that little bit of drama to the eye, something to quite literally make the eye pop.  

In terms of pigmentation these eye shadows are incredible, they really do work wonders and blend so very easily. Where fall out is concerned I have experienced very little with this palette, in fact I have experienced very little fall out with all of them so far. For me these have been one of the best eye shadows I have used to date in terms of not creasing, that’s both with and without a primer although a primer is always best and will help prevent creasing for as long as possible.

Overall I personally could not recommend the Charlotte Tilbury quads enough; they really are beautiful and add a little bit of luxury to your make up bag. Whilst initially they are expensive at £38 (bear in mind this limited edition palette is £45) they do work out cheaper than putting together your own MAC quad.