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Fall Beauty Favourites

Autumn is my favourite time of the year, although sadly it never seems to last that long. Before we know it we are thrust into winter whereby all of the crisp red and gold leaves are all but a distant memory. We all know that with the arrival of autumn we tend to find ourselves reaching for berry toned lipsticks, mauve toned blush and of course the trusty smoky eye which will never go out of fashion.

This got me thinking of the typical products that I reach for at this time of year, therefore I thought I would share them with you today. It is quite frankly rather miserable outside, I find that it is much better to be inside reading blogs on days like this with a cup of tea to hand.

Fall Beauty Favourites


When it comes to make up the eyes are my favourite area to work on; I simply adore how you can completely change the whole look by using different products to exaggerate the eyes or to soften them. Currently I have found that I am using cream based products a lot lately, particularly during the week as I find them to be much quicker to use of a morning time. The By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon is my go to which somewhat pains me to say as this is not a cheap product. Initially I was a bit underwhelmed with this product however my opinion of this has been completely reversed since I started using it on a regular basis. This shade in particular is incredibly pretty what with its golden bronze hue and slight shimmer and the longevity is impressive.

Generally speaking I use this product a lone and just build up the colour a little more intensley on the lid and then blend out. To finish off my look I use the Lancome Hypnose Mascara (my current favourite of all time) which separates my lashes wonderfully; it’s a fantastic mascara, particularly for those with long lashes already.


Upon writing this post I realise I have not even mentioned my current foundation that I am using regularly however it would not be a complete post without squeezing it in. At the moment I am using two foundations regularly, those being NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Deauville and the L’Oreal Infallible 24Hour Matte Foundation in the shade Vanilla. Both of these foundations are fantastic and I highly recommend them. Neither of them look cakey when they are applied to my skin and built up; they also both provide medium coverage which is my general preference when I am out and about.


When it comes to nails this is where I generally fall out of any typical make up stereotype as I am often found to be rocking black in summer and flamingo pink in winter. Curently however I do have a few favourites of which the first will come as no great surprise to anybody. My all-time favourite nail polish comes from Barry M and is in the shade Raspberry. This is a gorgeous deep wine red which leans on the pink spectrum; it truly is beautiful and is a bargain at just £2.99. Sticking with Barry M for one moment longer I also really like their Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Eat My Dust as this is a beautiful soft periwinkle blue with somewhat grey hues within it; it is one to check out if you get the chance. The Models Own Nail Polish in Purple Grey is also a great choice, as despite the simple and uninspiring choice of name it is a gorgeous shade for this time of year.


For the cheeks I am still using the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve, in fact so much so that I have managed to break the lid. These blushes from Mac Factor are fantastic and make me question if I really do need to buy from higher end brands whilst these are available; yes they really are that good. If like me however you do like trying other brands then it is well worth checking out the Tarte blush in the shade Exposed. Again this is a beautiful mauve toned blush with fantastic longevity, the only tricky part will be trying to track one down.


Moving onto lips I have picked out just a couple of my favourites here as I could have easily have dedicated a whole post entirely to lipsticks for autumn. Naturally if you’re going for a smoky eye then you may not wish to have a bold lip, although fair play to you if you do! When I have heavier eye make up I do tend to try and balance it out by having a softer lip, my current favourite for this comes from Bourjois in the form of their Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rose Tweed. The formula of these lipsticks is on a whole very good as they are hydrating and feel smooth on the lips. Whilst longevity isn’t necessarily their strong point I am willing to overlook this for this particular shade as it is very beautiful. This is mauve in tone however it does lean towards a more pink finish instead of brown which makes it for me very flattering.

If however you want something more berry toned but yet still simple then MAC Plumful is always a good option. This lustre finish is easy to wear and requires very little maintenance; it is again one of my utmost favourite lipsticks. For something with a bit more punch then Maybelline have some great shades within their Color Drama Lip Pencils. Keep It Classy is in my opinion very similar to Rimmel 107, although for me the formula is much better as I find it more hydrating. Berry Much on the other hand has to be one of the darkest lip shades that I own, in fact I have nothing quite like it. It is a deep plum colour which looks stunning on however it’s definitely a shade that I would wear with caution; mainly because of how dark it can look.

What are your favourite make up products for autumn?