Favourite Blogs of 2015

Favourite Blogs of 2015

Last year I decided to share with you my Favourite Blogs of 2014 as throughout the year I enjoy reading so many different blogs by a variety of different people; it felt only natural to share them. Therefore in order to round 2015 up nicely over here I wanted to follow that tradition and share with you today my five top blogs from the last year. Of course I read a huge variety of blogs and there are so many more than this that I should mention, which is why that I am making a conscious decision to share the blog love a little more in 2016.

Today I am introducing five blogs to you, five blogs which I adore and all have their own unique style and of course gorgeous ladies behind them.

Thumbelina Lillie is run by Megan who has to be one of the kindest, sincere bloggers that I have come to follow. She is building a wonderful space on the internet which is full of life, fun and lots of beautiful photographs to boot. As an active blogger within the community I think Megan is doing a fantastic job balancing her work, blog and indeed university. Thumbelina Lillie is most certainly a blog to check out in 2016 if you haven’t already.

The Lovecats Inc is an inspiring blog to me and is ran by the oh so lovely Helen; of course any blog with the name cat in it will have my immediate attention. Helen works full time and pretty much blogs full time as far as I can see, what a woman! Her content is incredible and I adore her photographs which always look so well presented and effortless at the same time. From blog tips to fashion outfits and more beauty products than you can shake your MAC 217 at she has it all.

From Roses is a blog which has flourished over the last year into one of my up-most favourite sites on the internet. Written by Rebecca it has stunning imagery, well thought out posts and a style that I just personally adore. Her commitment to blogging and the quality of the content is one which I find so inspiring, I would love to meet Rebecca and go for a coffee, not least so she could share with me her photography tips…ok I confess, it was definitely so I could meet Bella. 

Cocochic has to be another firm favourite of mine this year, this girl just has it. That girl is of course Stephanie, who has princess hair as far as I am concerned. Her posts are always incredibly helpful and well planned; it is no lie that I have many of them bookmarked for future reference. She to me comes across as so incredibly humble and funny too, she is just lovely and it is well worth checking out Cocochic in 2016. 

Cider with Rosie has been a blog which I have read now for a very long time, it was one of the first ones I discovered back when I very first started out. Rosie’s blog is for me just beautiful, everything about it just makes me think of family, love and happiness which, when it all boils down to it is surely what we all want from life. The photography on Cider with Rosie is full of beautiful sharp images, there’s lots of nature alongside which is something I would really like to bring onto my blog this year as I’m a country bumpkin at heart too. 

So there we have it, five incredible blogs which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading over the last year and will continue to do so into this year. 

Let me know your favourite bloggers in the comments below, it is a great opportunity to discover some new ones.