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Sometimes it is nice to change things up a little bit, no matter how slight or small they may seem. This weekend I decided (after much deliberation), to opt for a few changes over on A Little Boat Sailing as I felt as though it needed a little re-fresh after having had the same design for a while.

Naturally of course I headed back to Pipdig who I have mentioned more than once before, purely because it takes a lot for a blogger to hand over something which means so much to them, to put it in the hands of someone else. The work of Pipdig is second to none and I trust him completely when looking for something new for my blog in terms of design and coding. 

As you can see Pipdig has updated my blog design so that it has a much more up to date and current theme, all whilst keeping the nice clean format which I was used to before. When you head on over to the main page this now allows the reader to view more of my posts at first glance. I really do think that is key, as it is not only better for the reader but also the writer behind the blog. It can be so easy for posts to fall behind the way side after they leave the first page, therefore this was something which I really wished to address.

A Little Boat Sailing Blog

There will also be a new category section which I will slowly work on throughout the week. Naturally of course Bank Holiday is over so I am back to work today, so bear with me whilst I slowly put my categories together over the next few days.

I would ultimately also like to change my header a bit, although I am yet to fully decide what I am after when it comes to that. Part of me feels as though a bit of colour is warranted, although I cannot help but fall in love with the clean monochrome style of my blog at the moment.

If you are after a nice new blog design without the stress of getting things wrong, then I simply could not recommend Pipdig enough. Next time you are in the market for a design I would highly recommend getting in touch or having a look at the pre-made templates available. The template I decided to go with in the end was Equinox which was just what I was looking for.