My Blogging Space

My Blogging Space

If there is one thing which I would love to write about and to get into more, then it is interiors. However, the stumbling block of sharing a bedroom with your sister and not having your own place puts a lot of limitations on that. I mean, I only have half the bedroom so there’s not a lot you can do with that space, trust me, I have tried. The one bit I do have influence over is my desk. I use this quite a lot on the weekends for blogging purposes mainly and any university work that I need to do. Up until about two months ago it was really quite a plain area. I like it to be clean and tidy but also practical. There are certain things I need on there such as my make up, I have no where else to store this and seeing as I do my make up at my desk in the morning before work, it seems a bit silly to put it anywhere else. (Please excuse my messy Muji storage, I haven’t sorted it out property for a few weeks). Ideally I would love to have a separate dressing table however that is a long way off.

As I said, I use my desk area mainly for blogging. I don’t have a laptop so I can’t blog from the comfort of the sofa downstairs. Therefore my blogging space, aka my desk space, is really important to me. The wall above was completely bare until recently. I decided to get a set of mini shelves so that I could start to display a few items which were otherwise hidden away in a draw. I couldn’t get very deep shelves as they would have projected too far over my work space; that would not have been practical. I think that this set of three floating shelves from Home Bargains (around £6) have worked really well given the area which I was working with. They’re not perfect, but they have made my space feel a little bit more personal and, dare I say it, more welcoming.

Each year my calendar also hangs directly in front of me. This year I chose the Rifle Paper Co Inspirational Quote Calendar which I must have looked at for two months before I decided to just buy it. It is beautiful but also very big, it takes up more room than I thought it would, although I am very happy to have it. I intend on framing a few of the quotes come the end of the year once the calendar is out of date, that will be an exciting project to work on.

My Blogging Space

Underneath my desk I have a set of the Ikea Alex draws. This is classic blogger furniture I know, however it is so practical and to this day it amazes me just how much stuff it can hold. My draws mainly consist of hair products and hair tools, makeup, skincare and also important documents and notebooks. It all really needs a good sort out once again, I just need a bit of spare time to sort it out.

I also picked up a copper mirror from ASDA which I originally intended on hanging on the wall, however for the last few weeks it has rested on the lowest shelf. It looked great there so I just left it. I have, however had a re-shuffle over the weekend in order to incorporate onto the wall two new prints from Bliss Prints UK. I was kindly given the opportunity to feature two prints of my choice which was quite exciting as I didn’t really have anything like that at the time. I chose the ‘love’ print and ‘why hello’, both of these are nice and simple and of course portray positive messages. I definitely need more positivity in my life at the moment as things have been really hard for a while, it will be nice to wake up to these in the morning so that my day starts off positively. Both prints literally went up this Sunday because I had to go and buy frames for them, talk about last minute. For reference, I picked mine up from The Range for about £2.50 each; bargain!

Bliss Prints UK are offering 20% off your order with my code ‘THEJULYROSE20‘. Most prints come in at around £3 so everything is already super affordable.

Overall I am really pleased with my feature wall at the moment. It is quite full so there isn’t much more that I can do with it in truth. What do you think?

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