5 Ways To Spend Your Saturday Morning

5 Ways To Spend Your Saturday Morning

The working week goes by so fast that I barely have any time to do anything aside from work and sleep. Come Friday I am just itching to get home and relax before it all starts again Monday morning. It is easy to fall into the cycle of not doing a great deal on the weekend because your week has been so busy, other than the boring but necessary, mundane chores that we have to do, i.e. cleaning the car, doing the laundry and food shopping. It is important to remember to take the time to do things for you. To do things which make you happy. This got me thinking, what makes me happy? I am quite easy to please, I like the simple things in life if I am honest and never find myself needing anything extravagant to make me happy.

In the past I used to lie in on the weekends, however I haven’t really been able to do that for a long time. I believe it wastes my day, there is so much to see and do. You might miss a beautiful sunrise, you will miss the dawn chorus and the quiet setting up of the market before the morning trade. I personally love to go up my local woodland area for a morning walk (weather permitting of course). I enjoy taking photographs in the morning and editing them of an evening, much like how my day has turned out today if I am honest. It has been a quiet day but I am quite glad, last week I sat six exams and it was mentally and physically exhausting.

I know the working week can be tough, therefore all you may want to do once Saturday rolls around is to take things easy, and do you know what? That is perfectly OK. I have picked out five things to do which are nice and relaxing and which also give you time to yourself and to unwind.

  • Read – I love reading and I made it a goal for 2018 to get back into it more. I used to be such a book worm, I was Hermoine Granger quite literally however I have found it very hard since university to read at the volume in which I did before. Reading is also such a good way to relax, therefore I fully recommend having a browse on Goodreads in order to discover new books and recommendations from friends , I think it is such a good app and it is one of my favourites on my iphone.
  • Go for a walk – As I mentioned above, I love going for a walk in the woods in order to take in the scenery and fresh air. I am lucky to live in a nice area with lots of woodland to explore. One day I may not be so lucky therefore I always try to make the most of it where I can.
  • Take pictures – This links in with the factor above as I love taking my camera out in order to see what I can capture. Nature photography is my favourite by far, I love landscapes and wildlife and always have done therefore it seems only natural that this comes across in my photography too.
  • Visit the market – My local town has a market every Wednesday and Saturday, although of course I always miss the mid week market as I have a job 25 miles in the opposite direction. Whilst I don’t go here every weekend, in fact, I haven’t been for a few months now I know that across the country there are so many markets held ranging from farming markets, floral, food and crafts. You never know what you may find so it is worth looking at your local town to see what is on.
  • Make a playlist – Music is my great love of life, whether it is attempting to play guitar myself or just simply listening I can’t help but fall in love with it more and more. Music means so much to so many people, a certain song can bring back fantastic memories therefore why not make a playlist for all your favourites. You can even listen to it on the drive to work on Monday morning, it’ll make you Monday so much better; trust me.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Please do let me know what you like to do on the weekends as you may have some ideas for me too!