I remember When…The Blogging Edition

I remember When...The Blogging Edition

I remember When…The Blogging Edition. Back in 2012 A Little Boat Sailing was born. One evening after work I sat down and opened up Blogger,  five years later I am still here, writing and taking pictures. In that time the whole concept has changed. What was once a side line hobby to just put up a new post sharing my random thoughts on beauty products at that time has now become something which I really have to sit down and think about. This involves planning what I want to say, social media promotion, declarations (if needed) and responding to emails. That’s long before I even start the editing process in an attempt to keep my photos looking picture perfect; I have yet to achieve this.

The photograph element gets me down a lot if I am honest, the quality and standard out there now is incredible and I often find that I am my own critic, although aren’t we all? Working full time gives you very little opportunity to work at your blog at full speed, we of course all have a life outside of our blogs and our day jobs which also takes up time. In an ever growing and more competitive industry and with constant comparison (on my part) to other bloggers I love and follow, I thought it would be a bit fun to look at what things were like way back when. When blogging was perhaps a bit more spontaneous, involved less worry and simply revolved around people sharing what they loved.

Therefore, here are a few things about blogging in the past which had me running for the latest hype, situations that made me laugh, despair, love and things which secretly make me wish were still here.

  • Liebster Awards! Who remembers those? I think I must have had a fair few of those in my first year of blogging in which I then proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes finding all the blogs that I wanted to nominate in return. It was always really great fun to get nominated, plus, I found so many new blogs through it.
  • Wish List Wednesday. The title alone makes me cringe, however every Wednesday (mostly), I would put up a new wish list sharing my most coveted items at the time. These were quite fun and naturally helped to curb my spending, because as a student money was never in abundance.
  • MAC Lipsticks. These were everything! So much so that I didn’t feel like a true beauty blogger until I had my very own.
  • Really BAD photos. You only have to take a look at this one from my August Favourites of 2012 to know that even by my limited knowledge of a camera and editing tools that progress has definitely taken place. I am almost ashamed to be linking that in 2017 but in a way it is nice to see how things have changed and developed.
  • Nail Art Designs – I used to love looking at nail art designs by fellow bloggers. Caroline at Burkatron immediately springs to mind, she used to create some truly fantastic tutorials. I had a go myself on a few occasions and remember them being really fun to do and create. My Floral Nail Art attempt was something which I still remember doing now, I even remember buying the little tools from eBay for about £2.
  • Blog designs. My blog has seen so many designs in the past, albeit it has always kept the same name. That will hopefully change this year as I move onto something more true to me, however I remember feeling so excited to get a new design as well as sitting creating my own graphics and social media icons in PicMonkey and occasionally….paint.
  • Blog Comments. Back in the day you could easily achieve about ten comments per post ( I am generalising here), however these days you are lucky to get two or three. I think this is down to a few things, mainly perhaps that I cannot blog as often as I did, I simply do not have the time. I also think it is because blogging has fallen behind the likes of YouTube and Vloggers etc and that it is even now even harder for bloggers to get noticed.
  • Urban Decay Palettes. This is a brand that has for me stood the test of time within the beauty and blogging community. They were big back in 2012 from my memory with their cult Naked 1 and 2 Palettes and remain to be so now with the upcoming Heat palette. Let’s face it, everybody loves a bit of Urban Decay.
  • Follow Friday! Oh this was always a busy event which occurred each Friday on the wonder that is Twitter. In actual fact, I have started to see this emerge a little bit again which I think is great!

For now, these are the top things that spring out to me when I think back to the beginning and what blogging was like five years ago. I would truly love for you to let me know in the comments below what you remember from when you started blogging.