MAC Fleur De Force

MAC Fleur De Force

Having taken these photos within days of having purchased the MAC Fleur De Force lipstick last year I am somewhat horrified at how long it has taken me to feature it on my blog. I suppose this is also the appropriate time to confess to having pictures taken from 2015 which still haven’t made it on here. That being said, despite this now being unavailable online, I asked if people would still like to see the review and the general consensus was yes so here we are.

Fleur happens to be one of the only few YouTubers that I follow these days, I enjoy her content and feel as though her opinions on products are really genuine and thought out, therefore when I learnt that she was releasing her very own lipstick with MAC I was instantly interested; I knew it would be good.

MAC Fleur De Force MAC Fleur De Force

MAC lipsticks are my favourite, I have quite a few in my collection now although I am partial to certain finishes over others. My two favourites are lustre and creme sheen as I find these the easiest to wear without having to worry about my lips looking dry, therefore I was of course delighted to find out that Fleurs lipstick would be a creme sheen formula. The creme sheen formulas are really moisturising and are so easy to wear, if you are new to MAC or find lipsticks in general to be a bit dry then definitely try out this formula.

The shade itself is I would say a soft cool nude beige with pink/peach tones running through it. I think that this helps to lift the beige tones so that it does not appear too deep in tone. As you can see on me I think it runs fairly peachy, at first, I wasn’t too sure but I have to say that I now adore it and do find that it is quite unique to the rest of the shades that I own from MAC. Of course, the creme sheen formula does require topping up throughout the day, however this is something which I am more than happy to do, there is something rather nice about putting on your lipstick and no matter how often you do it, it never gets old.

What is your favourite lipstick from MAC?