Short Term Goals


Generally speaking I tend to keep my personal life off my blog the majority of the time however simple posts such as these are a great way of showing more behind the person without diving into their life too deeply. A few days ago I came across a post by Cat over at Lilac Ghosts where she shared her personal short term goals. I found this to be a really interesting little post so thought I would create my own little list; it’ll be nice to look back at this in the New Year to see if I managed to achieve any of them.

1: Firstly I’d like to have somewhat of a ‘spring’ clean in my bedroom and get rid of a few things. I’ve a few bits and bobs that I have being meaning to put on eBay for the best part of a year; it would be nice to get around to that soon.

2: I’d also like to finish a few books that I’ve had on my bookshelf for too long. Before I Go to Sleep has been half read for around a month now, it’s about time I finished it and gave it back to my friend asap!

3: This beautiful photograph is from a relatively recent visit to the woods where I live. Considering I live by such a beautiful place I sadly don’t make as much use of it as I should. My plan is to try and make regular visits from now on in forms of going for walks and exploring new trails. It is so refreshing and relaxing over there so I find that it’s a great way to chill out for a few hours, plus there are so many nice things to photograph too.

4: As some of you may know I have recently started a GDL which is a Graduate Diploma in Law. Before I started I was told that the course is pretty intense however I completely underestimated just how intense it would be. This huge shift in the sheer volume and pace of work has made me take quite a long hard look at my organisational skills, this is something I have already started to work on and improve.

5: Looking back to the previous point I need to remember that whilst studying is so very important as well as job applications, work and volunteering I also need to ensure I save time for myself. At the moment I’m feeling like I’m being hit by a bus every day (to quote my lecturer on Friday) so I simply need to remember to allocate myself time to relax and to not think about law or vacation schemes, even if it is just for a few hours.

Setting short term goals is quite important to me as I do it on a daily basis in the form of a to-do list however they are pretty much on a day to day basis. Having something set in stone for the remainder of the year will hopefully allow me to focus on them without feeling a time constraint.